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5 tips to win more matches in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 12

Clash Squad mode is one of the two permanent game modes in Garena Free Fire. In contrast to the usual battle royale mode, users participate in a four vs four fight in a small area, where they have to purchase the weapons using credits, making it a unique experience.

There is a separate ranking system in CS, and with the start of Season 12, players desire to reach the pinnacle. However, since the game mode has unique characteristics, gamers must have a different approach to various aspects, including characters.

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Pointers to win matches in Free Fire Clash Squad mode

5) Play with a known team

Typically, when playing with random gamers, there is a lack of coordination, making it more challenging to compete against a completely stacked squad. Players should constantly attempt to play with their friends since this will result in improved communication, which will result in more wins.

4) Coordinated purchases and usage of guns

Users must purchase guns using credits carried to the next round unless they are eliminated. It is essential to be on the same page regarding purchases to better their opponents. Purchasing an AWM while the entire team is equipped with pistols is futile, as the other members cannot put up any resistance.

Moreover, gamers should consider dropping the weapons to their teammates, enhancing their chances of winning matches. They should select firearms that they are good with to win duels.

3) Character combinations

A possible combination with Wukong for Free Fire Clash Squad mode (Image via Garena)
A possible combination with Wukong for Free Fire Clash Squad mode (Image via Garena)

Characters and their combinations are essential for gaining an edge in Garena Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode. Certain characters, such as Misha, Paloma, and Notora, are pretty ineffective in this mode, and gamers should avoid them at all costs.

Users can equip and combine characters such as K, Skyler, Alok, Dimitri, and Wukong. There are various other options available, but they should be compatible with their playing style.

2) Balanced gameplay

Individuals must strike a balance between aggressive and passive gaming. To obtain a strategic edge at the start of the map, users need to seize control of critical compounds and locations. For instance, if they are playing at the Clock tower, they may take control of the house in the center.

Generally, it is not good to go all-in for the attack as this might lead to quick eliminations.

1) Usage of utility items

Gloo walls become essential at the higher ranks as they can be used conveniently for offense and defense. Players can utilize these as immediate cover to heal or even revive their teammates.

Moreover, users can utilize grenades to inflict damage on the enemies before launching attacks to increase the chances of winning. Effective utilization of these items could make the difference in getting more wins in this mode.

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