AEW and WWE Discuss Potential Merger Amid Saudi Arabia Bid

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The wrestling world is abuzz with news of a potential takeover and merger between two of the biggest names in the industry: WWE and AEW. The two companies have been rivals for years, but now it appears that talks have begun over a potential shock deal that could see the two companies join forces.

The news comes amid reports that Saudi Arabia is interested in investing in the wrestling industry, and that the country is looking to make a major move into the business. It is believed that the Saudi government is looking to invest in both WWE and AEW, and that the two companies could be merged into one.

The potential merger would be a major shake-up for the wrestling industry, and could have far-reaching implications for the future of the sport. It would create a single, unified wrestling company that would be able to compete with other major sports leagues around the world.

The potential merger would also create a single, unified wrestling product that could be marketed and sold to fans around the world. This would create a much larger audience for the sport, and could potentially lead to increased revenue for both companies.

At this point, it is unclear how far along the talks are, or if a deal will be reached. However, it is clear that the wrestling industry is in for a major shake-up if the two companies do decide to join forces. It remains to be seen how this potential merger will affect the industry, but it is sure to be an interesting development to watch.