AEW segment invloving Danhausen blasted by Jim  Cornette


Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette had some harsh words for the segment involving Hook and Danhausen on a previous episode of AEW Rampage.

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil was involved in a segment on the 29th April’s episode of Rampage alongside Danhausen and Tony Nese. It involved the Premier Athlete attacking the duo.

The former WWE manager is not a fan of the Hook and Danhausen in-ring pair. Whilst reviewing the segment on The Drive -Thru, Cornette stated that the entire Danhausen program makes wrestling look bad. He also thought Taz would have had enough leverage to pull his son out of the segment.

“Danhausen comes down the ramp, he’s in the makeup. He’s doing the voice still. No one has made any effort to explain. Cause it’s inexplicable. You can’t explain what it is without making the wrestling business look like a fucking sh** show. And Taz is there at the announcer desk and has to be calling this and my God one would have thought that Taz of, of all people had enough pull with Tony Khan to get his own son out of this. Cause his own son is getting over.” [0:05-0:50]

Danhausen is scheduled to face Tony Nese in next week’s AEW Dynamite. It will be interesting to see if Hook gets involved in any way.

You can check out the results for AEW Rampage here.

This was not the first time Jim Cornette has criticized AEW’s treatment of Hook

Jim Cornette had previously slammed Hook’s involvement with Danhausen on an episode of his Drive -Thru podcast. The wrestling veteran stated what he felt should have been done with Hook and Danhausen.

“This f*****g wacko is stomping all over it. Then Hook, what he does on this tape is he walks up and he gets in Danhausen’s face and he says, ‘If you wanted my attention, you’ve got it,’ and then walks off. This would’ve been the spot where, if you wanted people to be interested in this guy Hook, he’d snatch this moron by his neck, twist his arm around his rib cage, and give him a judo throw and splatter him on the ground and say, ‘Don’t touch my s*** you weirdo,’ and kick him in the face.” (2:00-3:00)

Do you agree with Jim Cornette’s assessment of the situation? Will Danhausen hinder Hook’s chances of success?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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