AEW’s Danhausen wants on-screen star to be fired


AEW star Danhausen recently took to Twitter to send a message to Jade Cargill. He asked her to fire her lawyer, Mark Sterling.

Next week on Dynamite, the former Ring of Honor star is scheduled to face another one of Smart Mark’s clients, Tony Nese.

Replying to a tweet from the AEW Twitter account, Sterling referred to Danhausen as an idiot. Danhasuen didn’t take kindly to this and asked the current TBS Champion to fire Sterling in exchange for money:

“Jade Cargill, Danhausen will give you one hundred dollars (real human money) to fire this menacing menace.”

Danhausen is currently undefeated in AEW. It’ll be interesting to see if The Premier Athlete can end his streak.

You can check out the results for this week’s Rampage edition here.

Danhausen wants Hook in his corner on AEW Dynamite

We saw Hook in singles action on this week’s Rampage as he put away JD Drake to continue his undefeated run. After the bout, he received a visit from Danhausen, who made him a special request.

The former ROH star responded to Tony Nese’s challenge for a match on Dynamite next week and requested Hook be in his corner for the match.

Although Hook didn’t respond, Danhausen left a packet of chips for him as a birthday present:

“Tony Nese fellow seems to challenge Danhausen and no doubt he shall have the one they call Menacing Mike Sterling in his corner, so that being said, Danhausen has a proposal for you. You could be in Danhausen’s corner.”

Danhausen and Hook have become popular pairing among the All Elite fanbase.

Do you think HookHausen has what it takes to be a success in AEW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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