AJ Bunker Punches Astrid Wett in Brutal Fight

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Love Island star AJ Bunker has been accused of breaking Astrid Wett’s hand in a brutal fight. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning in a nightclub in London.

AJ Bunker, who appeared on the 2018 series of Love Island, is alleged to have punched Astrid Wett in the face, causing her to suffer a broken hand. The incident was reportedly witnessed by several people, including Astrid’s friends.

Astrid Wett, who is a model and influencer, was left with a swollen face and a broken hand after the altercation. She posted a picture of her injuries on Instagram, with the caption: “This is what happens when you stand up for yourself.”

The incident has caused shock and outrage among Astrid’s fans and followers, with many expressing their support for her.

AJ Bunker has yet to comment on the incident, but it is believed that he has been arrested and is currently being questioned by police.

The incident has also sparked a debate about violence against women, with many people calling for AJ Bunker to be held accountable for his actions.

Astrid Wett has since posted an update on her Instagram page, thanking her fans for their support and saying that she is “doing okay”. She also said that she is “taking the necessary steps to ensure that justice is served”.

It is unclear what the outcome of the incident will be, but it is clear that Astrid Wett looks unrecognisable after the altercation. Her face is swollen and her hand is broken, but she is determined to stand up for herself and ensure that justice is served.