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All abilities leaked, splash art, and more

A fresh batch of leaks has surfaced in the League of Legends community and allegedly showcases the splash art along with the abilities of the upcoming champion Renata Glasc.

Referred to as the “Chem Baron”, Renata is going to be the latest support champion set to hit the Rift in March. She will be the second champion to drop in season 12, after Zeri, but will be a Zaunite just like her.

Ahead of her official reveal, Renata’s splash art and ability kit seem to have been leaked in the League of Legends community, and from the looks of it, her abilities do seem stacked.

The ultimate “Hostile Takeover” looks incredibly unique, and it’s interesting to see how it ties her up with her role as that of a “Chem baron” in Zaun.

Renata’s leaked abilities in League of Legends: Can turn enemies against themselves

Renata splash art and ABILITIES leaked…. There’s no way this champion is balanced LOL

It’s important to note here that players should not take the below-mentioned ability descriptions as the official ones. These were allegedly leaked and were by no means revealed by Riot Games to any extent.

Passive – Leverage

  • Renata’s basic attacks mark enemies and deal extra damage. Allied attacks consume the mark and deal extra damage.

Q – Handshake

  • Renata fires a missile from her robotic arm and immobilizes the first enemy hit. She can then reactivate the ability to knock back the enemy in a direction of her choice.

W – Bailout

  • Increases the movement and attack speed of Renata and an allied champion. If the allied champion gets a takedown the duration of the buff is refreshed. If the allied champion dies they will be revived.

E – Loyalty Program

  • Renata fired several missiles that shield allies, deal damage and slow enemies. The missiles can be used as an AOE around her or charged into a missile with an explosion at max range with the same effect.

R – Hostile Takeover

  • Renata sends a cloud of chemicals that induce enemies in a frenzy. All enemies hit will have their attack speed increased but will be forced to attack everything around them. (allied champions > neutral camps > Renata’s allies > Renata).

Renata Glasc was first confirmed via the ARG-Style website that is attached to Riot Games as the upcoming “dark support”. She was then datamined from the Chinese version of Teamfight Tactics, a couple of weeks ago, and these recent string of leaks are the latest in terms of unofficial information that fans have surrounding her.

In terms of Lore, Renata Glasc is related to the Glasc industries, who are known to create weapons, prosthetic attachments, as well as beauty products with the use of Chemtech,

The upcoming League of Legends support is portrayed as someone who is armed with apistol along with a prosthetic arm holding a Shimmer-emitting device. This gives fans a good deal of insight into her back story and what kind of personality she will be boasting.

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