Barcelona’s Gavi Blasted for X-Rated Gesture to Almeria Fans


Barcelona star Gavi has been blasted as ‘disgusting’ after he was caught making an X-rated gesture to Almeria fans during a match.

The incident occurred during Barcelona’s 2-1 win over Almeria on Saturday, when Gavi was seen making an obscene gesture towards the Almeria supporters. The gesture was caught on camera and quickly spread across social media, sparking outrage from fans and pundits alike.

Gavi has since apologised for his actions, saying that he was “very sorry” and that he “did not mean to offend anyone”. However, the apology has done little to quell the anger of those who saw the gesture, with many calling it “disgusting” and “unacceptable”.

The incident has also sparked a debate about the role of footballers in society, with some arguing that Gavi’s actions were a reflection of the lack of respect that some players have for their opponents and the game itself. Others have argued that Gavi’s gesture was simply a moment of frustration and that it should not be taken too seriously.

Whatever the case, Gavi’s gesture has certainly caused a stir and has highlighted the need for players to be more mindful of their actions on the pitch. It is also a reminder that footballers are role models and should be held to a higher standard of behaviour.

Gavi’s gesture has also been condemned by Barcelona, who have said that they “do not condone such behaviour” and that they “expect all players to behave in a respectful manner”.

It remains to be seen what punishment, if any, Gavi will face for his actions. However, it is clear that his gesture has caused a great deal of controversy and has highlighted the need for players to be more mindful of their behaviour on the pitch.