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Becky Lynch talks about the title exchange segment with Charlotte Flair

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch said Charlotte Flair was to challenge her in the original plan for the title exchange segment, and she was momentarily supposed to be Becky 2 Belts.

In the 2021 WWE Draft, The Queen was drafted to SmackDown, while The Man was drafted to RAW. The two were to exchange titles as they didn’t hold belts of the brand they were drafted to. The SmackDown title exchange segment didn’t go according to plan, resulting in a real-life feud between the two.

Lynch spoke about the infamous moment on the latest Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The RAW Women’s Champion laid the blame square on Charlotte Flair and revealed the original plan for the segment: (1:18:40 onwards)

“Oh god, yeah. It should’ve been easy. It was supposed to be a straightforward thing where we were to exchange titles, I grab it out of her hand unknowingly, I’m ‘Becky 2 Belts’ for a second, then I toss her the title and she tells Sonya to pick it up and challenges me for a fight and I back out of it and go. Everybody was supposed to get their moment there, you know.”

“There was a lot heat there afterwards because that was the way it was supposed to be done. In advance, I told some people that this isn’t what’s going to happen, when I try to grab it, she’s going to drop it – and that’s what happened.”

Lynch said she was angry because she knew what was going to happen and had no way to stop it. She thinks that the original plan was plain and simple and everybody was going to get their moment in the segment.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s rivalry after the title exchange

Lynch said in an interview that she and Flair don’t talk anymore. A few weeks after the title exchange segment, the two stars faced off in the ring at Survivor Series in a Champion vs. Champion Match. Lynch beat Flair with the help of the ropes and got a win over her bitter rival.

Please H/T Broken Skull Sessions and Sportskeeda if you use any of the above quotes.

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