Best Free Fire drop locations in Purgatory map (February 2022)

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Landing spots are one of the most crucial factors influencing a user’s performance during Free Fire matches. It is imperative to have a proper selection because of aspects such as overall loot, rotation in later stages, etc.

Over the years, Garena has been incorporating several new maps in the game, with the list recently growing with the addition of Alpine. However, purgatory remains one of the most preferred options by the community as it is pretty fun to play.

Note: Choice of landing spot in Free Fire is subjective and varies from user to user. The ones listed below are based on the writer’s overall opinion.

List of the finest drop locations in Free Fire’s Purgatory map

3) Fields

Fields occupy a vast portion of the Purgatory map in Free Fire. As the name suggests, there are numerous open fields with small houses where the players can find good high-tier loot.

The number of adversaries is often lower than the regular hot drops. However, users should be vigilant when moving around in the open.

2) Marbleworks

Marbleworks is spread across a large area where users may locate multiple compounds with just enough loot for their whole squad. Individuals may also find a few foes around them. As a result, caution is advised while dropping off at the spot.

Additionally, if the zone is created away from them, they will be forced to rotate across the bridges, where numerous players usually gatekeep.

1) Brasilia

Brasilia, located in the central region, is the primary attraction of the Purgatory map. There is a range of supplies accessible, but there is considerable danger upfront because it attracts many gamers. In addition, several zip lines are located around the area that the players can use for rotation.

In the early phases of the match, there is a lot of activity in and around Brasilia. Consequently, the site is ideal for individuals who want to be aggressive on the battlefield.

Honorable mentions: Forge and Quarry.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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