BT Sport Camera Blunder Leaves Fans Surprised


On Saturday night, BT Sport viewers were left in shock after a huge camera blunder during their coverage of the Premier League match between Manchester City and West Ham United.

The incident occurred in the second half of the match, when the camera panned to the sidelines to show the West Ham manager, David Moyes, giving instructions to his players. However, the camera then suddenly cut to a shot of the BT Sport commentator, Darren Fletcher, who seemed to be taken aback by the sudden change in focus.

The moment was quickly shared on social media, with many fans expressing their surprise at the blunder. One fan wrote: “Even the commentator seemed surprised.” Another said: “That was a huge camera blunder on BT Sport.”

The incident was made even more embarrassing for BT Sport as the camera had been focused on the wrong person. It was actually the West Ham assistant manager, Stuart Pearce, who was giving instructions to the players, not Moyes.

The blunder was quickly rectified and the camera returned to Moyes, but the damage had already been done. BT Sport viewers were left in shock and disbelief at the huge camera blunder.

The incident has since been widely discussed on social media, with many fans expressing their surprise at the blunder. Some have even suggested that the camera operator should be given a pay cut for the mistake.

It is not the first time that BT Sport has been involved in a camera blunder. In 2017, the broadcaster was forced to apologise after a camera operator zoomed in on a female fan’s cleavage during a match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

It is clear that BT Sport needs to take more care when it comes to their camera work. The broadcaster should ensure that their camera operators are properly trained and that they are aware of the potential for blunders.

It is also important that the broadcaster takes the necessary steps to ensure that such blunders do not happen again. Otherwise, they risk alienating their viewers and damaging their reputation.