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Chifuyu and Mitsuya overpower their opponents, Senju vs Haruchiyo continues

Fans have been debating which fight Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 will focus on, and today’s spoilers have given us the answer. According to the raw scans and spoilers provided by the Twitter account Tokyo Revenji @tokyorevenji, Wakui seems to have split the focus between Mitsuya’s, Chifuyu’s. and Senju’s respective fights.

The spoilers do not mention Mikey, Takemichi, or Inupi. The official chapter will be published on April 13.

Note: This article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 249.

Mitsyua and Hakkai separate the Haitani brothers according to Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 raw scans

In the last chapter, Inui and Koko were interrupted by Wakasa, who claimed Inui as his opponent. Senju came across Haruchiyo, who challenged her to a duel, armed with a steel pipe.

It was revealed that Mitsuya met the Haitani brothers when he was 13 and used to idolize them. Presently, he and Hakkai prepare to battle them even after being surrounded by Kanto members.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 raw scans

TR 249 SPOILERS (1) ⚠️Hakkai kidnaps Rindou to separate him from Ran so they can have a one-on-one fight!Mistuya: Stand up, Haitani RanRan: Stupid, I can’t stand up anymoreMitsuya: Huh. In the end, it’s a good one-on-one fight

Hakkai took Rindou Haitani to another spot on the battlefield to give Ran and Mitsuya a chance to fight one-on-one. The panel revealed that Hakkai might have managed to beat Rindou on his own.

Mitsuya and Ran fight each other, and Mitsuya seems to have overpowered Ran. He tells Ran to get up, but the latter can no longer do so. They amicably agreed that it was a good fight.

TR 249 SPOILERS (2) ⚠️Mochi looks exhausted and he is confused because Chifuyu doesn’t seem to want to give up.Mochi: Shit! Why did I lose even though we have different physiques?!Chifuyu: The reason why I didn’t lose was because I was 100 times bigger than you!!

Elsewhere, Chifuyu and Mochizuki are still fighting. Although Mochizuki is much bigger physically, Chifuyu’s relentless perseverance helps him overpower the larger man.

Mochi is surprised that he is losing to the Toman vice-president, but Chifuyu tells him that it’s because he has always been a bigger person than Mochizuki.

TR 249 SPOILERS (3) ⚠️The battle between Senju and Sanzu is still not over! Senju looks exhausted and her head is bleeding, while Sanzu still looks fine.“Who do you think raised you since you were a kid ? I clearly understand your movements”

Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 then moves towards the duel between Senju Kawaragi and Haruchiyo Sanju. Senju was visibly beaten up, with her head bleeding and face bruised.

However, Haruchiyo does not seem very affected. He taunts her that since he has raised her since they were children, he can read her movements.


⚠️#TR249y’all worried for Mitsuya???? Why??? 🤨 bc I feel like he will end up being friends with Ran after their fight. just look at their smiles!! ಥ◡ಥ

Many fans have become worried over Mitsuya’s fate because Ran’s smile looks like he has something planned. However, others believe that the two might enter a camaraderie after enjoying a good fight. If Hakkai has indeed defeated Rindou, that would mean that Toman is at an advantage right now.

Chifuyu has always been a good fighter, so him defeating Mochizuki doesn’t come as a shock. Although Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 spoilers have not explicitly stated that Chifuyu won the fight, it is unlikely that he will lose after this point.

Senju is at a severe disadvantage. Haruchiyo is older and has more battle experience than her. He also has a steel pipe as a weapon while she is fighting with her bare hands.

Additionally, Senju wants to save her brother, and as such, she must subconsciously hold herself back. Haruchiyo has no qualms and looks almost eager to hurt his little sister.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 249 raw scans show no sign of the fight between Wakasa and Inui, nor of the one between Atsushi and Madarame. Takemichi and Mikey haven’t been seen for the last two chapters, and nothing and who Hanma is fighting has been disclosed. Hopefully, the official translation will clarify some of these points.

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