Colby Covington fires back at Justin Gaethje after the UFC lightweight star’s fight comments


Colby Covington has taken a jibe at Justin Gaethje ahead of the latter’s UFC lightweight title fight against Charles Oliveira at tonight’s UFC 274 event. Covington has notably been involved in a long-running rivalry with Gaethje’s teammate, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

While Covington has lost to Usman twice, their rivalry’s still as intense as ever. ‘Chaos’ has also long been at loggerheads with Gaethje. Speaking of which, ‘The Highlight’ recently addressed the possibility of him fighting Covington. On the Nelk Boys’ Full Send podcast, Gaethje asserted that he’d “love to punch a hole” in Covington’s face.

Nevertheless, the 33-year-old suggested that he’d probably lose to Colby Covington if they competed in an MMA bout in the UFC, due to the former interim champion’s grappling skills, forward pressure, and size advantage. That said, Gaethje indicated that since there are generally no rules in a street fight, he’d simply hit ‘Chaos’ with a brick and hurt him if they fought on the streets.

Taking to his Instagram account, Covington has now addressed Gaethje’s aforementioned comments. Labeling Gaethje “duck-lip,” Covington weighed in on ‘The Highlight’s’ upcoming UFC 274 fight and stated:

“We all heard what you said to the Nelk Boys Gaethje. And even though you’re dumber than a bag of rocks, at least you’re smart enough to know if we ever get locked in a cage, I’d beat the ever-living sh** out of you, junior.”

He further added:

“And if you look in the mirror, I guess two mirrors in your case – one right in front of you and another over here somewhere for that lazy eye – you look in those mirrors, and you get honest again. You know you don’t stand a chance tonight either. That’s why the people are gonna steal that Oliveira money line and make their bank accounts great again.”

Watch Covington sounding off on Gaethje in the video below:

Belal Muhammad on a potential Colby Covington vs. Khamzat Chimaev fight

UFC president Dana White recently revealed that Colby Covington’s likely to fight the undefeated Khamzat Chimaev next. However, the rumored Covington-Chimaev matchup hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Khamzat Chimaev opens as the favourite in a potential fight with Colby Covington:Khamzat Chimaev -125 (4/5)Colby Covington +105 (21/20)(odds via @betonline_ag) 👀

On that note, top-tier UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad recently broke down the potential fight. He opined that a three-round fight favors Chimaev, whereas a five-round fight favors Covington because of the California native’s cardio advantage. In an interview with ESPN MMA, Muhammad said:

“I think that Khamzat’s striking’s ten times better. I think Khamzat’s grappling’s better than Colby’s. I think that he could probably finish him and knock him out. If it gets past the first and second round, then that’s when cardio and gas tank will play a role in it, I think.”

Watch the full interview with Belal Muhammad below:


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