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Community reacts positively to CD Projekt Red’s decision to empower female employees

CD Projekt Red is about to showcase a new degree of empowerment for its women workers with a recent decision it has taken. According to the latest news, Good Old Games, a.k.a. GOG, has introduced menstrual leave for its workers.

GOG is a subsidiary of the Polish game makers and acts as a digital platform for the studio’s and other games. The recent development is surely a positive sign for an industry that has often been criticized for its treatment of women in general.

GOG has been in existence since 2008, and they’re a haven for players who prefer DRM-free products. Since its inception, the platform has rapidly expanded and has become a popular name among gamers.

With its latest decision, GOG will encourage many who have lobbied for better worker rights in the industry. Moreover, GOG has a great chance to implement this across all of CD Projekt Red in the future.

CD Projekt Red ventures into menstrual leave for its female workers, starts with subsidiary GOG

The latest news comes from the official Linkedin post of GOG, where they stated their decision.

“We’re happy to announce that, effective today, we’re implementing Menstrual Leave for all menstruating employees of GOG.”

The official LinkedIn post (Image via Linkedin/GOG)
The official LinkedIn post (Image via Linkedin/GOG)

More importantly, the parent company of GOG might be planning to make this a studio-wide process where the main office and all subsidiaries will follow the same rules. According to PC Game, CD Projekt Red’s PR Director, Radek Grabowski, has shared similar information.

“GOG is spearheading this initiative, and we’re looking into it further for the whole CD Projekt.”

GOG’s culture and communication manager, Gabriela Siemienkowicz, has explained what the company expects about the new system. She has also reportedly led the initiative, and it’s expected that employees who seek menstrual leave will get an extra day off every quarter. However, more leaves will be available based on case-specific needs.

@BlizzardCS After doing research of @GavinNewsom and the involvement with Blizzard/Activision lawsuits, I can no longer in good faith buy your products.What has been done is aggreges, and there is nothing you can do to fix this.You are fully seen for what you are.

The latest news from CD Projekt Red comes at a time when the industry as a whole has been contemplating menstrual leave. The news also comes as big publication houses like Activision have faced several lawsuits over sex-based discrimination charges.

GOG and its parent company’s decision is encouraging and will go a long way in having more companies adopting similar policies. It remains to be seen if and when the policy will be expanded at the Polish Studio. Overall, the decision genuinely looks well-planned considering the reputation the gaming industry has in regarding to female employees.

Community reacts to the wonderful initiative by GOG and CD Projekt Red

Since the news broke, members of the gaming community have responded with their insights. One gamer informed that although they have never gone through the pain of menstruation as a man, they have witnessed their wife going through the pain.

@Megan_Nicolett What a bummer that there’s a stigma that employees that use it may seem less capable. I’m a dude who has not experienced that particular pain, but I’ve seen my wife in the midst of serious cramps, and I can only imagine how helpful this policy would be. Very cool.

Several members have appreciated the decision. One person believes such leaves will allow workers to rest without using up their sick leaves, which could then be used for more genuine cases.

@Megan_Nicolett I feel like this is a really good step in the direction of allowing employees hours/days off for all pre-existing conditions, which doesn’t delve into the pool of “actually sick and need the whole day off” days. Thank you for this news!

Another member feels that the decision by GOG will inspire other companies in the gaming industry to take similar steps.

@NightsongWS @Megan_Nicolett Totally agree, I hope this can only inspire others to do the same and we can see more and more initiatives such as this one.

Other members feel that the decision is huge and have responded postively to it.

The move has been received positively even by members who don’t like GOG too much, by their own confessions.

Not a fan of GOG or of its parent company but implementing a menstrual leave is a nice move… I think. Are there other companies doing this? First time I see it. Source:…

While the early reception from fans and industry members is quite positive, there are a few responses that are in a negative sense. These reactions haven’t been mentioned to preserve the sanctity of this write-up.

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