Conor Benn Sues British Boxing Chiefs for £3.5M Over Drug Test Drama

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Conor Benn, the son of British boxing legend Nigel Benn, is reportedly planning to sue British boxing chiefs for £3.5million over a drug test drama that KOd a fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

The 24-year-old welterweight was due to face Eubank Jr in a grudge match at London’s O2 Arena on October 5, but the fight was cancelled after the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) refused to sanction the bout due to a failed drug test by Eubank Jr.

The failed test was for a banned substance, believed to be a stimulant, and the BBBofC ruled that Eubank Jr was not fit to fight.

Now, Benn is reportedly planning to sue the BBBofC for £3.5million in damages, claiming that the failed drug test cost him the chance to fight Eubank Jr and the potential earnings from the bout.

Benn’s legal team is said to be preparing a case against the BBBofC, claiming that the organisation failed to properly investigate the failed drug test and that it should have taken action sooner.

The legal action is expected to be filed in the High Court in London and could be heard as early as next month.

The fight between Benn and Eubank Jr was highly anticipated, with both fighters having a long-running feud.

The fight was expected to be a huge draw, with the potential to generate millions of pounds in revenue.

Benn’s legal team is said to be arguing that the BBBofC’s failure to act sooner cost Benn the chance to fight Eubank Jr and the potential earnings from the bout.

The legal action is likely to be closely watched by the boxing world, as it could set a precedent for how the BBBofC deals with failed drug tests in the future.

It could also have a significant impact on the sport, as it could lead to more stringent drug testing and stricter punishments for fighters who fail tests.

The case could also have a major financial impact on the BBBofC, as it could be forced to pay out a large sum of money if it is found liable for the failed drug test.

Only time will tell how the case will play out, but it is sure to be a closely watched affair.