Brian Lara identifies the contemporary cricketer capable of surpassing his world record scores of 400* and 501*

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Cricket enthusiasts around the world still marvel at the incredible batting feats achieved by legendary West Indies cricketer Brian Lara. Among his numerous records, Lara’s monumental scores of 400* in Test cricket and 501* in first-class cricket stand tall as two of the greatest individual batting performances in the history of the sport.

Fans desire to see a player from the current generation to repeat Brian Lara’s heroics

As fans continue to reminisce about Lara’s majestic innings, the cricketing world eagerly awaits the emergence of a player from the current generation who could potentially shatter these long-standing records. The recent transformative shift in cricket with the emergence of new talents like Rachin Ravindra, Shreyas Iyer, and Abdullah Shafique, has further kindled the hopes of cricket fans around the globe to re-witness Lara’s heroics.

Lara picks the batter who could break his world record scores of 400* and 501*

In a recent interaction with Anandbazaar Patrika, Lara himself weighed in on the matter, singling out the talented batter from the current generation he believes has the potential to break his world records.

Interestingly, Lara expressed his belief in Gill as the cricketer who has the talent to break his world records. The West Indies legend highlighted Gill as the most gifted batter of the new generation, predicting that the young Indian cricketer would “rule cricket in the coming years.”

“Gill is the most talented batter in this new generation. He will rule cricket in the coming years. I believe he will go on to break many big records,” said Lara.

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Lara went a step further, specifically pinpointing Gill’s potential to surpass his own records. Lara’s optimism stems from Gill’s ability to adapt and excel in the evolving landscape of cricket, where T20 leagues, especially the IPL, have played a pivotal role in shaping the modern batsman.

The former West Indies batter also stressed on that if the young India batter engages in County cricket, he could break his monumental first-class record of an unbeaten 501. Additionally, he even emphasized that in the dynamic and high-scoring environment of modern Test cricket, Gill also has the capability to surpass his Test record of 400*.

“If Gill plays County cricket then he can break my 501*. In Test cricket, he can surely go past 400. Cricket has changed a lot, especially batting. Batters play t20 leagues across the globe. IPL has changed everything. The scoring rate has gone up. So you will keep seeing big scores. Shubman will score big, mark my words,” emphasized the 54-year-old.

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