Danish Kaneria and Arfa Khanum Sherwani Engage in Twitter Feud over World Cup 2023

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Currently underway in India, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 has emerged as a focal point for controversy and a platform of contention. This is not limited solely to the participating players but has drawn the attention and opinions of several former cricket legends and other notable figures.

Recently, former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria and renowned Indian journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani engaged in a heated debate on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

The origin of this dispute can be traced back to the Australia vs Pakistan match last Friday. A video clip from the match quickly gained widespread attention on various social media platforms. The video depicted a purported incident where a law enforcement officer appeared to prevent a Pakistani cricket fan from voicing their support with the phrase ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and some Indian fans mocking the Pakistani fans.

Arfa’s controversial tweet

Arfa took to Twitter to share her thoughts in response to the video. She disapproved of what she viewed as a display of uncouth behaviour in the video. Arfa also remarked that she felt embarrassed and ashamed to associate herself with such conduct as an Indian.

“Deplorable behaviour of many cricket fans during World Cup matches, makes me feel embarrassed &ashamed as an Indian. This petty, insecure & majoritarian approach towards sports which was meant to bring people together, is symbolic of India Modi-RSS have created in last one decade,” Arfa wrote on Twitter.


Danish Kaneria’s response

Kaneria responded to Arfa’s tweet by mentioning that she can come to Pakistan if the latter feels ashamed to be an Indian as the Indian citizens do not like her. He also mentioned that many Indian people would happily sponsor Arfa’s trip.

“Come to my country Pakistan if you are feeling ashamed to be an Indian. India doesn’t need people like you. I am sure many people in India will be happy to sponsor this trip,” Kaneria mentioned in his Tweet.

Arfa hits back

The Indian journalist hit back at Kaneria, alleging that he has unleashed an online mob on her and adding that she is sad to see a cricketer figuring out communal angles in everything.

“Danish Kaneria has unleashed an online lynch mob on me and I am trending on Twitter. Sad to see an intl cricketer celebrated by fans from different religions turning into a communal troll. Rest assured, I’m not leaving my country for Pakistan or any other place in the world,” Arfa wrote in her response to Kaneria.

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Retaliation by Kaneria

Kaneria again came up with an answer to the Bulandshahar-born journalist’s tweet, writing that he did not mention any communal thing in his words and asked her not to use communal words like ‘lynch’, ‘religious’ and many others.

“Lynch” ‘mob’ ‘communal’ ‘religious’ ‘troll’ ‘unleashed’! Don’t use these propaganda words for me. Did I talk about communalism in my tweet? No! If you don’t like Pakistan, simply say – ‘Danish, I don’t like Pakistan’. That’s it!” the former spinner wrote in his response.

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