WATCH: Quinton de Kock’s reverse scoop shots in MLC 2024 game

WATCH: Quinton de Kock’s reverse scoop shots in MLC 2024 game

In a thrilling encounter between the Los Angeles Knight Riders and the Seattle Orcas in the 2024 Major League Cricket (MLC) tournament, wicketkeeper-batter Quinton de Kock showcased his exceptional batting prowess with a series of innovative shots that left the opposition bowlers and spectators in awe.

Quinton de Kock’s innovation supremacy

The first instance of De Kock’s brilliance came on the first delivery of the 13th over, bowled by LA Knight Riders’ pacer Ali Khan. Anticipating the length of the delivery, De Kock premeditated his shot and executed a magnificent reverse scoop, sending the ball soaring over the third-man region for a maximum. As the ball sailed over the boundary, Ali could only applaud the sheer audacity and skill of the shot.


Here’s the video


The very next delivery, which was the third ball of the over, saw De Kock once again display his unorthodox batting repertoire. Ali, attempting to adjust his length, delivered a low full toss from around the wicket. Without hesitation, De Kock brought out the reverse scoop once more, this time the ball almost reaching the third-man fence for a boundary.

These two innovative shots from De Kock’s bat not only entertained the crowd but also highlighted his ability to read the game and execute shots that caught the bowlers off guard. The reverse scoop, a high-risk, high-reward shot, requires immense skill and confidence, and De Kock’s mastery of it was on full display during this crucial MLC 2024 encounter.

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Match summary

The Seattle Orcas, led by Ryan Rickelton’s heroics, managed to follow the challenging target set by the Knight Riders. The match ultimately went down to the wire, with the Orcas emerging victorious in a closely contested affair. Though there wasn’t much tension gripping the fans as there were confident and set batters on both ends with Rickelton smashing a century and De Kock’s steady fifty.

De Kock’s performance in this MLC 2024 clash between the LA Knight Riders and Seattle Orcas once again underscored his reputation as one of the most dynamic and versatile batters in the game. His ability to adapt to the situation and execute unorthodox shots with precision left the opposition bowlers and the cricketing world in awe, setting the stage for an enthralling remainder of the tournament.

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