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Dana Brooke apologizes to fans for RAW wedding segment

Dana Brooke took to Twitter to apologize to fans for the “disastrous” wedding ceremony on RAW.

The segment saw Brooke marrying Reggie and Tamina’s wedding to Akira Tozawa. After placing the ring on his (kayfabe) spouse’s finger, Reggie proceeded to lip-lock Dana, pinning her for the 24/7 championship in the progress.

He was then pinned by Tamina, who was then pinned by Tozawa, who was again pinned by Brooke. R-Truth then took the champion away from the scene in her wedding dress. The champ has since tweeted out an apology for the antics of all involved in the double-commitment ceremony:

“I sincerely apologize to the @wwe universe & @USA_Network for such a disaster of a wedding!!! I am heartbroken but spending valuable time w/… my 24:7 title!”

I sincerely apologize to the @wwe universe & @USA_Network for such a disaster of a wedding!!! I am heartbroken 💔 but spending valuable time w/… my 24:7 title!

Dana Brooke is now a 3-time 24/7 champion, first winning the title in November 2021 from Cedric Alexander.

The Dana Brooke and Reggie storyline with the 24/7 Championship has been breing for months

Dana Brooke defended the title multiple times in mixed tag-team matches alongside Reggie in late 2021 – early 2022. The two then decided to go on a date on the Valentine’s Day episode of Monday Night RAW.

Brooke’s mammoth 84-day reign (by 24/7 title standards) came to an end that night, where once they decided they would be “just friends”, the former Sommelier pinned the champion for the title. Although his reign lasted only six days as Brooke won back her title on the next week’s RAW after distracting Reggie with a kiss..

The two started “dating” on the following week’s episode of RAW (February 28). This went on at the same time that Tamina and Akira Tozawa started dating somewhat reluctantly. All four names were in the 24/7 title picture at this point.

Reggie proposed to Brooke and the two got engaged on 28 March’s episode of the red brand, and so did Tozawa and Tamina. Then came the wedding segment on this week’s RAW, the shananigans on which saw Dana walk out of the night as still the champion.

What do you think about the wedding segment on RAW? What are your thoughts on this storyline? Sound off in the comments section below

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