Dana White answers if Tony Ferguson would be fighting for his “UFC life” against Michael Chandler


Some fans have been wondering if a loss to Michael Chandler will mean Tony Ferguson has to leave the UFC. It would be Ferguson’s fourth defeat in a row after all. However, according to Dana White, that’s not the case.

In the lead-up to UFC 274, White was interviewed by TMZ Sports about the stacked fight card. He was asked if ‘El Cucuy’ will be fighting for his “UFC life” against Chandler. The UFC president replied:

“He’s still the No.7-ranked guy in the world, you know what I mean? So he’s still in the top 10. Still in the top 15. Still one of the most elite fighters in the world. If you look at who he’s fought, he’s fought everybody, you know what I mean? So no, I wouldn’t say he’s fighting for his UFC life.”

Watch Dana White’s interview with TMZ Sports below (Ferguson discussion begins at 1:35):

Tony Ferguson will meet Michael Chandler in a highly anticipated encounter at UFC 274. Both fighters are on multiple-fight losing streaks and will be looking to make their way back into the win column.

Michael Chandler on Tony Ferguson being a tough puzzle to figure out

Tony Ferguson’s unique style of fighting is a mix of various martial arts that he’s been training for most of his life. These include folkstyle wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and Wing Chun. According to Michael Chandler, this makes ‘El Cucuy’ an unpredictable fighter who is hard to prepare for.

‘Iron’ also understands that this fighting style is what has kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the entirety of Ferguson’s career.

The former lightweight title challenger admitted that despite having access to the “best gym” in the world, he was unable to find anyone who could mimic his upcoming opponent’s skillset. During his interview on the DC & RC show, Michael Chandler said:

“[Tony] Ferguson on the other hand, I think, is a tougher puzzle to solve. You never know what Ferguson is gonna do. The man is a certified lunatic inside the cage and we love him because of it… I think I trained at the best gym in the world with the best coaches in the world but none of my training partners can emulate Ferguson. Nobody can emulate Tony Ferguson, he is a certified one-of-one talent in mixed martial arts.”

Watch Chandler talk about Tony Ferguson’s fighting style in the video below:


In their fight, Chandler may try to utilize his wrestling to control the bout and look for openings to utilize his ground and pound.

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