Diletta Leotta Kisses Karius After Wembley Trip for Carabao Cup Final


Diletta Leotta, the stunning Italian sports presenter, showed her support for her boyfriend Loris Karius in the most romantic way possible after jetting to Wembley for the Carabao Cup final.

The 27-year-old, who is a presenter for Sky Sports Italia, was seen embracing the Liverpool goalkeeper with a passionate kiss after the Reds’ 2-1 defeat to Manchester City.

Karius, 25, was seen in tears after the match, and Leotta was there to console him with a tender embrace.

The couple have been dating since last summer, and Leotta has been a constant source of support for the German shot-stopper.

Leotta, who is a former Miss Italy contestant, has been a regular at Anfield this season, and was seen cheering on Karius from the stands during the match.

The couple have been spotted out and about in Liverpool, and have been seen enjoying romantic meals together.

Leotta has also been a vocal supporter of Karius on social media, and has posted several messages of support for him during his time at Anfield.

The Italian beauty has also been seen attending several of Karius’ matches, and was seen in the stands during Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final against Roma last season.

Leotta’s show of support for Karius after the Carabao Cup final was a touching moment, and a reminder of the strength of their relationship.

The couple have been together for almost a year, and it is clear that Leotta is a source of strength and comfort for Karius.

The Italian beauty has been a constant presence in Karius’ life, and her show of support after the Carabao Cup final was a reminder of the power of love.