Dustin Poirier Slaps Man Taunting Him With Conor McGregor Insult

Dustin Poirier Slaps Man Taunting Him With Conor McGregor Insult

Dustin Poirier appears to have slapped a man who taunted him with a sign quoting Conor McGregor’s insult about his wife.

The incident occurred at a UFC press conference in Las Vegas on Friday, where Poirier was promoting his upcoming fight against McGregor at UFC 257. During the press conference, a man in the audience held up a sign that read “My wife is a 4, your wife is a 6”, a reference to a comment McGregor made about Poirier’s wife during a heated exchange between the two fighters in 2018.

Poirier, who was clearly angered by the sign, walked over to the man and appeared to slap him. The man then dropped the sign and was escorted out of the press conference by security.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some people criticizing Poirier for his actions and others defending him.

McGregor, who was also at the press conference, did not comment on the incident. However, he did post a tweet later that day that read “Respect to Dustin for standing up for his wife.”

The incident is the latest in a long-running feud between Poirier and McGregor. The two fighters have been trading insults since 2018, when McGregor made the comment about Poirier’s wife. The feud has continued to escalate in recent months, with both fighters taking shots at each other on social media.

The two fighters will finally get the chance to settle their differences in the octagon when they face off at UFC 257 on January 23.

It remains to be seen if the incident at the press conference will have any effect on the fight. However, it is clear that Poirier is not afraid to stand up for himself and his family, and that he will not tolerate any disrespect.

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