Elle Brooke Rocks Tiny Bikini in Cold Weather, Fans Make Nipple Joke


Elle Brooke is a rising star in the world of OnlyFans and boxing. The British beauty has been making waves in both industries, and recently she braved the cold to show off her incredible figure in a tiny bikini.

The 24-year-old took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself in a tiny black bikini, which showed off her toned abs and curves. She captioned the post, “Cold but worth it.”

The post quickly went viral, with many of her fans praising her for her bravery in the cold weather. However, some cheeky fans couldn’t help but make the same joke about her nipples.

One fan commented, “I see your nipples are still cold,” while another wrote, “I think your nipples are colder than the weather.”

Elle Brooke is no stranger to showing off her body, as she regularly posts photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie on her OnlyFans page. She also posts videos of her boxing training, which has earned her a huge following.

Elle Brooke is a rising star in the world of OnlyFans and boxing, and her recent post in a tiny bikini has only increased her popularity. Her fans love her for her bravery and her willingness to show off her body, and they can’t get enough of her cheeky sense of humor.