Erik Ten Hag’s Secrets to Man Utd Success Revealed

Erik Ten Hag’s Secrets to Man Utd Success Revealed

Erik Ten Hag is the current manager of Manchester United, and his success has been nothing short of remarkable. He has taken the team from the brink of relegation to the top of the Premier League table in just a few short months. But what is the secret behind his success?

Ten Hag has revealed a few of his secrets to success, and they may surprise you. The first is his approach to training. Rather than the usual 11 vs 11 drills, Ten Hag prefers to use 11 vs 0 drills. This means that the team is split into two groups, with one group playing against no opposition. This allows the players to focus on their individual skills and technique, rather than worrying about the opposition.

The second secret is Ten Hag’s approach to rest and recovery. He believes that the team should have an afternoon nap after training, as this helps them to recover and be ready for the next day’s training. This is something that is not often seen in professional football, but Ten Hag believes it is essential for the team’s success.

Finally, Ten Hag has revealed that he is a big believer in the power of positive thinking. He believes that if the team can stay positive and believe in themselves, then they will be able to achieve great things. This is something that he has instilled in the team since he took over, and it has certainly paid off.

Ten Hag’s secrets to success may seem simple, but they have certainly been effective. His approach to training, rest and recovery, and positive thinking have all contributed to Manchester United’s success this season. It is clear that Ten Hag is a manager who knows what he is doing, and his success is a testament to that.

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