Every Clan Capital District in Clash of Clans (2022)


Clash of Clans’ spring update is the best since it allows users to play with their clanmates and create an entirely new city. Clan Capital is a new feature in the game where players can create districts with the help of clanmates using capital gold. Moreover, it’s easier for the clan to upgrade structures and unlock new districts when they play together.

Each capital can contain up to seven districts, each with its own unlock criteria and advantages. To unlock new districts, troops, and buildings, players must meet the prerequisites.

This article will talk about all the districts in the new Clash of Clans update and how to unlock them.

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Every Capital District in Clash of Clans

1) Capital Peak

Capital Peak is the game’s main district, and every clan has access to it. It doesn’t provide any bonuses of its own, but it serves as the foundation for the rest of the districts. It also displays your capital or capital hall level, which is used to unlock the other districts. To be able to construct the Capital Peak area, you need to ensure your village features clan level 2 and Town Hall level 6.

2) Barbarian Camp


Reaching capital level 2 unlocks the second district, which is home to the Barbarians. Battle Rams, Sneaky Archers, Super Barbarians, Super Giants, and Minions all have barracks there. There’s also enough area for three more army camps for your entire clan. So, upgrade the buildings in Capital Peak to reach the Barbarian Camp.

3) Wizard Valley

Wizard Valley is all about power and magic, as the name suggests. Once you reach capital level 3, you’ll be able to unlock factories for the Heal and Jump spells. Wizard Valley will also provide you with more spell storage and an additional army camp. Finally, the Super Wizards will have their barracks in this district.

To unlock Wizard Valley, you and your clanmates must work together to upgrade the Barbarian Camp.

4) Balloon Lagoon

Flying Fortress is a Mega Troop exclusive to Clan Capital! It launches cannonballs, targets Defenses and will shoot at ground + air units. Flying Fortress delivers a bunch of Skeleton Gliders that fly over enemy barricades, as well as a host of Skeletons that swarm ground targets https://t.co/Bc1ncYDYeE

When you access the Balloon Lagoon at capital level 4, it includes the Lightning Spell factory, which is not found in Wizard Valley. Air troops and massive bonuses are available in this district, and Rocket Balloons and Skeleton Barrels are among the army you’ll find here. You’ll also be given a yard dedicated to the massive Flying Fortress.

5) Builder’s Workshop

Builder’s Workshop has fewer benefits than other districts, though it is still important. Here, you’ll acquire barracks for the Raid Cart and Super Pekka, a beefed-up version of the normal Pekka, when you unlock the district at capital level 5.

Builder’s Workshop will provide you with the Frost Spell factory in this Clash of Clans district.

6) Dragon Cliffs

The Dragon Cliffs district will be unlocked once you reach capital level 6. It has barracks for the Hog Rider and Super Dragon, as you might have guessed from the name.

You’ll also receive an additional army camp. And lastly, this district will unlock the strong Rage Spell factory.

7) Golem Quarry


There is only one benefit to Golem Quarry, but it is a great one. At capital hall level 7, this final district is unlocked, making the Mountain Golem Quarry available. You can use this to create the Mountain Golem, the most powerful hero in Clash of Clans.

Players must upgrade buildings in districts to unlock new spells and troops. This can also help clanmates earn additional clan medals, which can be redeemed afterward for Gold, Dark Elixir, Elixir, Magic Items, and more.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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