22-year-old student with no prior football experience becomes captain of Czech club after father pays £17,500

A university student who has never played football has been signed to a professional Czech club and will replace its captain after his father donated 500k Koruna (£17,500).

Third tier club FK Usti nad Labem has brought in 22-year-old Martin Podhajsky, who has only ever played video game FIFA.

In what has been described as ‘the weirdest transfer ever’, the law student will replace the team’s captain and striker Jakub Mares much to the shock of players and fans. 

He has even registered with the Czech Republic’s Football Association.

Before making his debut – which reportedly will only last ten minutes-, Podhajsky will join the team at their training sessions.

Third tier club FK Usti nad Labem has signed 22-year-old Martin Podhajsky, who has never played on the field before

Podhajsky will replace the team's captain after his father donated 500k Koruna (£17,500)

Podhajsky will replace the team’s captain after his father donated 500k Koruna (£17,500)

The club chairman Premysl Kuban said: ‘He doesn’t play football – only FIFA on the computer. However I don’t see 500k Czech Koruna rolling on the floor every day. 

‘If someone gives me this type of money, i’ll let anyone join.

‘He said himself that he would like to play, then his dad called and things started to move,’ he said according to the BBC.

Following the signing, the club posted on Instagram: ‘We will lead 3:0, we will put him in the attack for ten minutes, he will replace Mares.’

Kuban continued: ‘It is planned that he will start training in the fall. And in the spring, when we play seven games in a row at home, he will really affect the game. 

‘We are now adjusting the contract with Martin, and the fans will see him already at our first home game, so far only on the substitutes’ bench,’ iDNES reported.

Podhajsky is an employee for Viagem, the real estate company owned by president of the club Kuban. 

Despite the shock signing, local media reported that many fans are delighted for Podhajsky with more than 800 stating his joining and his father’s donation offers a ‘win-win situation’ for the club.

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