Brazilian Commentator’s Hilarious Sound Effects Delight Fans During Under-20s Competition, Leaving One Supporter Yearning for More Instead of Gary Neville’s Complaints

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A Brazilian commentator embellished his coverage of his country’s under-20s tournament with some bizarre and delightful noises – and he has left fans in stitches. 

Footage has emerged of the eccentric commentary from the Copinha, a prestigious annual club tournament held in Sao Paulo where young players showcase their skills. 

South American sports broadcasters are known for their colourful and enthusiastic coverage of games and this vocalist doesn’t disappoint. 

Among his best hits, the commentator whips out a cartoonish ‘wah wah wah’ when one ill-fated prodigy fluffs his lines and bumbles the ball out of play when taking a shot. 

Elsewhere, he makes a noise that to our ears can best be described as a Pac-Man-style bird and a echoes the team names as if in a tunnel. 

Commentator at the Copinha (Brazil’s largest U-20 tournament) makes his own sound effects
byu/LordLoko insoccer

Fans found the series of cartoonish noises hilarious in a Brazilian commentary they found

It’s hard to encapsulate in words, so we’ll let the video do most of the talking. 

Users on Reddit were quick to make clear their admiration for this flavoursome commentary style. 

‘This is hilarious. He’s pretty good at it too!’ wrote one. 

‘I would pay extra for this,’ said another. 

‘Give me this instead of Gary Neville whining on commentary,’ another wrote. One wonders if Neville would be eager to adopt such playful noises in his punditry. 


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‘Bro I’m rolling around in agony right now,’ said one user, completing their comment with laughing emojis. 

‘He’s a one man broadcast,’ wrote another.  

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