Disturbing Video Shows Young Colombian Soccer Player Brutally Assaulted After Scoring a Goal in Friendly Mexican Match

Frightening video has emerged of a Colombian soccer player being viciously beaten during a game in Mexico and is now fighting for his life.

According to multiple reports, Anderson Salas was assaulted by members of an opposition team after celebrating a goal in Texcoco. The attack has left him in a coma. 

In a video which has surfaced online, Salas was shoved around before falling to the ground.

It was there the attack continued and worsened. While being dragged to his feet, opposing players continued to strike the victim with vicious shots. 

The video, which lasts 25 seconds, shows him being beaten up throughout the entirety of that time.  

Anderson Salas was beaten into a coma by enraged opposition who took out their frustrations

His mother, Ana Jackeline, made an impassioned plea for justice on social media recently

His mother, Ana Jackeline, made an impassioned plea for justice on social media recently

His mother, Ana Jackeline, shared a video to social media which has since been reposted, revealing she cannot travel from their native Colombia to Mexico.

‘I ask and beg for justice for my son, to help me,’ she said. ‘I have not been able to go see him since I am a low-income mother who needs to see her son.

‘He went with a dream five years ago to become a professional footballer. 

‘There he doesn’t have family, he only has friends. I ask the Mexican justice system and that of my country to listen to me, I need to leave the country to look for my son.’

Per the Herlado Estado De Mexico, Salas’ teammates are also hell bent on seeing the assailants punished. 

‘We ask and demand justice so that the players of the [opposing] team involved as well as the owner of the team are arrested and the expenses incurred due to such an event are covered, since at this moment Salas is debating between life and death.’ 

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