EXCLUSIVE: Nottingham Forest could be CHARGED by the FA after two away fans were arrested for ‘Chelsea Rent Boy’ chants during shock 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge

Nottingham Forest could be charged by the FA for the discriminatory behaviour of their fans after two away supporters were arrested for chanting ‘Chelsea Rent Boys’ during their side’s historic win at Stamford Bridge. 

The governing body introduced new regulations earlier this year enabling them to charge clubs whose fans use the offensive term ‘rent boy,’ which from January has been deemed a breach of FA rule E21.

Mail Sport has learned that two Forest fans were ejected from Stamford Bridge following arrests made by officers from Nottinghamshire Police, while Chelsea fans are also understood to have complained to security staff about other incidents. 

The FA wrote to all clubs informing them of the rule change after the abusive phrase was heard at Chelsea’s New Year’s Day game at Forest, which led to an investigation by the Crown Prosecution Service. The tougher stance followed the CPS’ decision to classify use of the phrase as a hate crime the previous year.

FA charges do not automatically follow in such cases, which can be left to the clubs involved and police to resolve if they are deemed to be isolated, but the previous use of the term by Forest fans may count against them.

Nottingham Forest could be charged by the FA after two fans were arrested for discriminatory chants at Stamford Bridge

Wolves became the first club to be punished by the FA for homophobic chanting in July when they were given a £100,000 fine for what was deemed their ‘inadequate response’ to rent boy chants during their Premier League game against Cheslea in April. 

In addition Leeds received a £150,000 fine last month after supporters aimed discriminatory chants at Brighton fans in a match at Elland Road towards the end of last season.

The FA will wait until they have received reports from the police before deciding whether to take formal disciplinary action against Forest. Both clubs declined to comment.

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