Fans horrified by Rob Green’s gruesome finger before Euro 2024 semi-final

Fans horrified by Rob Green’s gruesome finger before Euro 2024 semi-final

Fans have been left horrified after seeing a picture of former England goalkeeper Rob Green’s gruesome little finger.

The 12-cap international is working for the BBC for Spain’s Euro 2024 semi-final against France on Tuesday night, and posed for a picture with Spanish journalist Guillem Balague ahead of kick-off.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice that the little finger on his right hand was sticking out at a very unnatural angle, highlighting the toll that his 21-year goalkeeping career took on him.

‘Is his pinky finger ok?’ one concerned fan asked.

Another was equally taken aback by the picture as they questioned: ‘What is going on with Rob’s little finger?’

Rob Green (second left) posed for a picture ahead of kick-off on Tuesday, and fans noticed his gruesome little finger on his right hand

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One supporter added: ‘That’s a hell of a broken finger!’

Others were quick to make a joke at Green’s expense, with one X user claiming: ‘Rob could sit on your roof and pick up Sky TV with those digits’.

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Green opened up on the horrendous finger injuries he suffered during his career in an interview last year.

Speaking to Amazon Prime Video Sport, he said: ‘One of the tales of goalkeeping, don’t be a goalkeeper, kids.

‘After a long time of playing in goal, it [his finger] got injured, dislocated and broken numerous times. It slowly started to die and then it gave up essentially.

‘It was when I was diving to my right and it started sticking in the ground as I was diving I thought, “yeah perhaps I might need to get it seen to”.

‘The glove manufacturers very kindly made me a sort of a paddle hand that had two main fingers and then one larger finger where I could tape it together and keep it relatively straight.


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