FIFA Greenlights Groundbreaking AI Tracker for Football Boots, Enabling Collection of Game Data via Footwear Sensors for the First Time

State of the art artificial intelligence (AI) technology for football boots has been approved by FIFA for use in official matches.

The news opens the door to the first lower-limb tracking device to be worn in football games.

In 2019, Playermaker launched a new AI tracker which could be attached players’ boots to track technical and physical performance data.

The information ranges from time in possession, technical balance, kicking velocities, speed, distance, acceleration and change of directions.

It will enable players and coaches to analyse unique skills during training sessions and matches with the aims of taking the monitoring of performance data to the next level.

FIFA has approved AI footwear sensors for use in matches in a move which the developer says could eventually ‘revolutionise the game’ 

The technology can be attached to boots to track technical and physical performance data

The technology can be attached to boots to track technical and physical performance data

The new technology has also been approved by football lawmakers IFAB (International Football Association Board).

Playermaker CEO and co-founder Guy Aharon: ‘Five years ago, we made a bold bet to place sensors on the foot, driven by our unwavering belief that we could deliver unprecedented data and insights previously unimaginable.

‘Despite the skeptics who labeled us as crazy, doubting anyone would embrace sensors on their football boots, we persevered. Now, just a few years later FIFA has acknowledged the safety, precision, and undeniable future potential of footwear sensors in revolutionizing the game for all.’

Playermaker has partnerships with over 200 professional football clubs, including Premier League sides Manchester City and Fulham, alongside Champions League participants Benfica.

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