Shearer debates with Ferdinand and Richards on England’s progress

Shearer debates with Ferdinand and Richards on England’s progress

Alan Shearer has claimed England were not ‘much improved’ in their quarter-final win over Switzerland on Saturday.

The former Newcastle striker argued with both Rio Ferdinand and Micah Richards over whether they were progressing in the tournament.

Asked by Gary Lineker prior to tonight’s semi-final between Spain and France what his reflections were on England’s performance, Shearer said: ‘I think it was their best performance. They did improve.

‘But not as much as they [Ferdinand and Richards] say. I think they can still go up another gear or two.

‘But what they do have in abundance is that team spirit and know how to get through games and win and that is worth its weight in gold.’

Shearer, left, argued with both Ferdinand and Richards over England’s progress in the tournament

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Responding to Shearer, Richards argued: ‘Was it a perfect performance? No, it wasn’t, but did we see players in their right positions, yes we did. And England pushed up the field, so for me that was a positive.

Ferdinand also added: ‘Bearing in mind, this was a team struggling at the beginning and they have improved, so let us have a moment?’


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