Aussie football legend  Robbie Slater has blasted Network 10 for their treatment of the Socceroos, who he says are trying to cash in on the widespread popularity of the Matildas.

The Socceroos toughed out a 2-0 victory over Bangladesh last week in sweltering conditions – but many fans in Australia were left frustrated that they were unable to watch it.

The World Cup qualifier was behind a paywall on Paramount Plus, which meant fans had to sign up to the streaming service to watch Graham Arnold’s side play.

‘It was a disgrace that the only way you could watch the Socceroos match against Bangladesh on Thursday night was on Paramount +, 10’s streaming service,’ Slater wrote in a column for News Corp.  

Robbie Slater (pictured) says it was a disgrace that Aussie fans were forced to sign up to Paramount + to watch a World Cup qualifier

Slater says Network 10's motivation in signing a new deal with Football Australia is to cash-in on the huge popularity of the Matildas

Slater says Network 10’s motivation in signing a new deal with Football Australia is to cash-in on the huge popularity of the Matildas

‘I had calls from people who wanted to watch the game but couldn’t. The game should have been on 10’s main channel, or at the very least on 10 Bold or 10 Peach.

‘However, with the Matildas it’s a completely different story. They get the royal treatment from 10 even for friendly games as we saw with the two-match series against China. 

‘The Socceroos weren’t playing a friendly against Bangladesh, it was a World Cup qualifier, a game that actually meant something.’

Slater went on to say that Network 10 does whatever it pleases with the Socceroos and A-League games and seemingly gets away with it. 

‘FA (Football Australia) must do what’s right for the game in Australia as the guardians of the sport in this country,’ wrote Slater. 

‘But by allowing Network 10 to continue to treat the Australian football community with contempt, FA isn’t doing what’s right for the sport.

‘While FA might not get as much money for selling the Socceroos and Matildas broadcast rights to another network, in the long-term football will be better off in Australia.

‘The problem is the FA can’t see that at the moment, and is seemingly happy to accept Network 10’s ugly treatment of the Socceroos and our domestic competitions so long as the price is right.’

The Socceroos’ last qualification match is on June 11 against Palestine and that game will be able to be viewed live on 10, 10 Play, and Paramount Plus. 

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