UEFA to Tighten Stadium Security Following Six Pitch Invasions in Portugal vs. Turkey Match

UEFA to Tighten Stadium Security Following Six Pitch Invasions in Portugal vs. Turkey Match

UEFA has issued a statement saying they’ll be beefing up security in stadiums hosting matches for Euro 2024. 

The statement is a reaction to numerous security issues that have arisen since the tournament started. 

This includes during Portugal’s 3-0 rout of Turkey, when a steward almost injured Portuguese player Goncalo Ramos, after clattering into the striker as he dealt with the sixth pitch invasion of the game.

The match was punctuated by fan attempts to charge the pitch and get selfies with Cristiano Ronaldo, something one young fan managed first much to his delight – and possibly Ronaldo’s, as he beamed for the picture.

Sky Sports News reported the statement in full, which said: ‘Safety and security on the pitch, and team facilities, are the ultimate priority for UEFA, the German FA and Euro 2024 organisers.

Cristiano Ronaldo took a selfie with one young fan, with five other pitch invasions during Portugal’s match with Turkey

‘To this end additional safety measures will be deployed in stadiums to further meet requirements of the tournament and to prevent such incidents happening.

‘For security reasons we cannot comment further on specific safety measures. 

‘As a reminder, any incursion onto the pitch represents a breach of stadium rules and will result in an expulsion, a ban from remaining tournament matches, and the filing of a criminal report.’

Concerns around stadium security had been raised earlier last week, after a German YouTuber claimed he managed to sneak into the stadium hosting the opening game of the tournament, between Germany and Scotland.

Marvin Wildhage claimed he was able to reach the edge of the pitch dressed as a tournament teddy bear mascot, despite having a fake ID and no accreditation, German media reports.

The 27-year-old, who has more than 870,000 subscribers on YouTube and filmed the entire stunt, reportedly got in to the Munich Arena along with two other men.

Numerous other games have seen fans run onto the pitch, including in Albania’s 2-2 draw with Croatia.

An Albanian fan is wrestled off the pitch after Albania's 2-2 draw with Croatia on Wednesday

An Albanian fan is wrestled off the pitch after Albania’s 2-2 draw with Croatia on Wednesday

Portugal boss Roberto Martinez expressed concern after their win over Turkey, as he said: ‘It is a concern because today we were lucky that the intentions of the fans were good. 

‘We all love a fan who recognises the big stars and the big icons in their life. We all agree with that. But there is a very, very difficult moments if those intentions are wrong – the players are exposed and we need to be careful with that.’


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