Former COTY would be the best fit for LA Lakers

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As the LA Lakers continue their coaching search, several analysts have had opinions on who should be hired. Colin Cowherd recently revealed that he thinks a former Coach of the Year should be the choice.

The Lakers’ search appears to be coming to an end, because the team is revealing its finalists, but anything is possible until the team makes a final decision.

On his show, Cowherd revealed that the team should attempt to hire Doc Rivers to become the team’s new head coach:

“He’s the best fit with the Lakers. That doesn’t mean Philadelphia wants to let him go. He won a title. He played in the game. He has the ability to navigate stars, and this Laker team is an old roster. It’s an odd roster. There’s some egos here.”

One of the most critical aspects for the next Lakers coach will be the ability to work with stars, especially superstar LeBron James and the Buss family.

Don’t tell @ColinCowherd that Doc Rivers can’t coach…”He’s the best fit with the Lakers… He won a title, played the game and has the ability to navigate stars.”

Cowherd believes Rivers can be the coach the Lakers need.

“I think he and LeBron would work well together. Both were guards, both play the game, both have been around. I don’t think you want to experiment with a coach. I mean, Frank Vogel feels a little like Terry Stotts. In the end, there was no power, and Doc would come in and have some power.

“(Lakers owner) Jeannie Buss knows Doc. The Buss family knows Doc.”

If Rivers can navigate the tumultuous situation in Los Angeles, the team could meet the lofty expectations set for them. Still, the potential for the Lakers and the former COTY to join forces has some roadblocks to overcome.

Matching former COTY Doc Rivers with the LA Lakers has potential but is still a fantasy at the moment

Despite a disappointing finish with Philadelphia, signs point to Doc Rivers staying put for now.
Despite a disappointing finish with Philadelphia, signs point to Doc Rivers staying put for now.

While the LA Lakers might want to hire Doc Rivers as their new head coach, they will still have some issues getting him to take that role.

Feels like there is more than just smoke in this Doc Rivers and Lakers connectionA whole lot of posturing from both sides but I can’t imagine Daryl Morey is as sold on Rivers as he publicly states…

If his current team has no interest in moving on from him, then Doc Rivers’ move to Los Angeles to join the Lakers cannot be much more than smoke.

Even if Philadelphia wants to move on from Rivers and the Lakers wish to acquire him, the Lakers will likely have to give up some assets to acquire the former COTY.

For now, general manager Rob Pelinka and owner Jeanie Buss need to focus on finding a coach they can get while holding out hope for a chance at Rivers.

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