“Get him off the ball more”


Draymond Green believes Steph Curry needs help. The Golden State Warriors superstar guard endured yet another poor shooting night, going 5-of-24 from the field (one-of-nine from downtown) for 14 points against the Dallas Mavericks. Curry is shooting 8-of-41 (19.5%) from the field and is just 2-of-19 (10.5%) from downtown over the last two Golden State Warriors contests.

Speaking after their 82-99 loss to the Mavericks on Wednesday night at the American Airlines Center, Draymond Green provided an explanation to the media on how the Warriors can help Curry get out of his shooting slump. Green said:

“I think maybe get him off the ball more. I think these defenses have ramped up even more than they have been [with the trapping]. I think as opposed to combating it with ball movement, we’ve combated it with him having the ball more. I think that’s not just a coach thing, that’s a feel thing as well for us players on the floor. We got to notice that and do some things to get him off the ball. I could have been better at that. I will be better at that. I normally am so just got to get him off the ball more.”

Draymond Green on the possible ways to get Steph Curry going a bit more: “I think maybe get him off the ball more. These defenses have ramped up even more than they have been (with the trapping.” https://t.co/0cQy3njvqY

“He’s gonna break out of it pretty quickly” – Steve Kerr on Steph Curry’s shooting slump

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is not perturbed by Steph Curry’s shooting slump, though. Kerr believes that teams are guarding Curry better than before, making it difficult for the 33-year-old to shoot freely. Kerr opined in the post-game media interaction:

“I think everyone is throwing everything at him – their best defenders, double teams – they are trying to make it as difficult as possible. I thought tonight he pressed a little bit. He was trying hard to get out of it. He had at least four shots that were in-and-out… He’s gonna break out of this pretty quickly. He had a bunch of plays that were good looks, good decisions and the ball just didn’t go in or the play didn’t work out. I’m not worried about Steph.”

Steve Kerr asked about Steph Curry’s slump: “He’s gonna break out of it pretty quickly.”The full detailed soundbite https://t.co/sxFNQ0oz2G

Curry is averaging 26.8 ppg for the Golden State Warriors this season. He is shooting 42.0% from the field and 38.8% from downtown this season. Both those shooting averages are Curry’s worst shooting numbers for an NBA season, discounting the 40.2% he shot from the field and the 24.5% he shot from long-range in 2019-20 when he played a total of five games.

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