Schauffele Unveils Fresh Slogan to Kickstart New Season

Schauffele Unveils Fresh Slogan to Kickstart New Season

New year, new slogan for Xander Schauffele.

Let’s see if you can figure it out. (And no, it’s not “Impossible is what he plays for.”)

Q. How do you feel about the state of pro golf entering 2024?

Schauffele: “Everyone sort of has their opinion and everyone floats around, but I can just speak to sort of what I’ve been trying to do and that’s really dig my head in the sand and try to get back to sort of letting the clubs talk.”

Q. How much bigger or stronger are you than when we last saw you?

Schauffele: “I took it off to sort of create this 10-week block for myself, and I really wanted to focus, again, myself, and put my head in the sand, and figured I might as well be as disciplined as possible and try to make some sort of gain in the distance department.”

Q. I wanted your thoughts on one thing as it relates to the Saudi stuff. … Getting everybody back together again. Do you see that as one of the bigger sticking points in terms of, A, any kind of a free passageway back, or B, bringing back players who got more than the guys who stayed?

“We’re entertainers, at the end of the day. I love what I do for work, and I’m obsessed with my job, but at the end of the day I am a small piece of a big puzzle, and I think everyone wants to see that puzzle sort of whole without missing pieces. I think the product is probably better if all together than sort of split up. I don’t have the metrics on what that looks like or anything, I couldn’t tell you ratings were worse or better, really. I really put my head in the sand when I tell you that.”

Q. Did you vote [for Player of the Year]?

Schauffele: “I must have missed it, to be completely honest. I didn’t go into my portal. I’m sure someone from the Tour is really upset about that, but I told you, this is the third time now, I put my head in the sand, man. I’m serious, I really have just locked out everything.”

Q. The Olympics this year … how much is that on your mind?

Schauffele: “Head in the sand. That’s good. My slogan this year, I guess. Yeah, it’s definitely in there in my brain somewhere deep. Deep down.”

Xander Schauffele? More like Sand-er Schauffele.


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