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“He talks a lot of smack, and he tries to act like he’s bringing a whole lot of smoke”

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith has never been afraid to voice his opinion, especially on the NBA playoffs. It’s what has made him one of the most popular sports figures on television. Smith’s fiery personality has become one of the focal points for ESPN’s coverage.

On Thursday night, the Memphis Grizzlies completed a massive comeback to win 104-95 in Game 3 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On Friday, Smith called out Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns for his performance in Game 3. Towns played 32 minutes but finished with just eight points and five rebounds while shooting 3 of 4.

The Grizzlies found themselves trailing by 25 points late in the third quarter. Memphis then outscored the Timberwolves 37-12 in the fourth quarter as the Grizzlies took a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference first-round series.

On ESPN’s “First Take,” Smith didn’t hold back his comments about how Towns played:

“He comes into the playoff game, scores 11 points, he fouls out. You listen to him be mic’d up (in Game 3). He talks a lot of smack. He talks a lot of smack, and he tries to act like he’s bringing a whole lot of smoke.”

Smith expressed his disappointment with Towns’ performance, saying the big man has struggled to contribute:

“In the last two games, Karl-Anthony Towns has attempted 11 shots … attempted. This man had more turnovers than shot attempts. And then when you’re asked the question, ‘Next question.’ What the hell is wrong with you?”

Stephen A. Smith calls out Karl-Anthony Towns for Game 3 performance

Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns
Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns

Stephen A. Smith called out the lackluster performance of Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns in Game 3. Towns. a three-time All-Star, has been one of the NBA’s most gifted big men.

After a disappointing performance in the play-in tournament victory over the LA Clippers, Towns bounced back in Game 1 against the Memphis Grizzlies. He finished with 29 points and 13 rebounds.

Karl-Anthony Towns tonight:- 8 pts- 5 rebs – 3/4 FGThe Timberwolves blow multiple 20-point leads

But since then, Towns’ field-goal attempts have plummeted. In his last two games, he has averaged 11.5 points and 8.0 rebounds per game while attempting just 5.5 shots.

Fans will be watching to see if the Timberwolves can bounce back after a colossal Game 3 collapse.

Game 4 will be played on Saturday in Minnesota. Game 5 will be played on Tuesday in Memphis

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein

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