“He’s ready for ATL” “Going into Atlanta hot, you love to see it”


Freddie Freeman spent 12 years with the Atlanta Braves before signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is now heating up before his return to the Peach State. While there were no hard feelings in the split, everybody knows he wants to do well in front of his former home crowd.

Fans recently realized this hot streak coincides with the upcoming series in Atlanta, and they don’t think it is by chance. This home run against the Cincinnati Reds is what got the conversation started, posted to Twitter by Bleacher Report.

Freddie getting hot 🔥 @MLB He’s heading back to Atlanta this weekend too https://t.co/L3AvSYcdHm

This fan thinks that Freddie Freeman is ready for his return to the city he called home for so long.

This user is very excited for what the Los Angeles Dodgers star will do against his former team.

A homecoming game is always exciting, and fans are thrilled that Freddie Freeman will be taking on the Atlanta Braves while on a hot streak.

Speculation abounds before Freddie Freeman and the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Atlanta Braves

Freddie Freeman speaks to the crowd at the Atlanta Braves World Series Parade.
Freddie Freeman speaks to the crowd at the Atlanta Braves World Series Parade.

Being the face of the franchise is both a gift and a curse, having to bear the weight of wins and losses. Freddie Freeman left the Atlanta Braves after delivering a World Series championship, so his relationship with the franchise is still strong.

Many fans in Atlanta still love the man who lead them to a World Series. However, some see him as a traitor and look forward to booing him.

Most fans in Atlanta may still love him, but they hope and expect the hot streak to end soon.

Apparently, not all Atlanta fans are excited for the homecoming game.

This Atlanta Braves fan still loves the player, and is impressed by the hot streak.

This fan implies that the hot streak and the return to Atlanta are directly related.

This fan expects big things over the weekend for the returning superstar.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been one of the best teams in the MLB this season, and Freddie Freeman is a big reason why. With a batting average of .302 and eight home runs, he seems destined for yet another All-Star selection.

This return to Atlanta will be a big test for the veteran to see if he can harness his emotions and heighten his play. All eyes will be on the Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman, and any slipup will definitely be noticed.

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