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How to complete TOTY Challenge 5 SBC in FUT 22

EA Sports are active in providing their FIFA 22 player base with new and exciting challenges every day to elevate their gaming experience. One of the more recent SBCs released for FIFA Ultimate Team is the TOTY Challenge 5 SBC.

The Team of the Year (TOTY) promo in FIFA 22 is one of the most anticipated events in the game and is revered across the game’s community due to the high quality of cards it produces.

EA Sports recently revealed their 12th Man and Honorable Mentions for the TOTY while releasing several new SBCs for their player base to engage in actively.

Daily Content Review: – Simon Kjaer Moments SBC – TOTY Challenge 5 SBC – Korean Sehwa Set SBC Wish that Kjaer was cheaper but cool SBC concept, regardless #FIFA22 #TOTY

FIFA 22 has followed up on their TOTY Challenge series of SBCs with its 5th edition. Ultimate Team players can complete the challenge and avail the reward by performing the tasks listed below.

Task and review of TOTY Challenge 5 SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Tasks of the TOTY Challenge 5 SBC in FIFA Ultimate Team

Nationalities: Min 4

Same League Count: Max 8

Same Club Count: Max 6

Rare: Min 5

Squad Rating: Min 80

Team Chemistry: Min 90

# of players in the Squad: 11

At the time of writing, the TOTY Challenge 5 SBC cost Ultimate Team players around 8000 FUT coins to complete from scratch. Players can cut down the overall cost by a considerable amount by using their existing fodder of FUT items.

The TOTY Challenge 5 SBC is a non-repeatable challenge that is available for 48 hours from release.

Review of the TOTY Challenge 5 SBC in FIFA Ultimate Team

At the cost of completing the TOTY Challenge 5 SBC, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players can redeem a Rare Electrum Players Pack. The pack contains 12 Rare player cards, out of which six are Rare Gold.

TOTY Challenge 5 is a reasonably priced SBC that FUT players can complete effortlessly. Although this challenge does not offer boosted players as rewards, FIFA’s Ultimate Team player base can utilize the rewards to furnish their player reserves, helping them in future challenges.

With more TOTY-related SBCs arriving in the coming days, FUT players have a lot of exciting challenges coming their way.

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