How to get M1887 Aqua Burst and rare gun skins for free this week


Today marks the peak day of the Free Fire Squad Beatz event, and the developers have added even more activities, including the Gold Draw, for players. They stand a chance to get rare gun skin trials through the new event.

Unlike other sub-events, the Gold Draw does not require participants to complete a series of missions. Gamers must use gold and not diamonds to obtain free prizes. Additionally, a new grand prize will be added during the event’s first five days.

Free Fire Gold Draw event provides gun skin trials to users

The Gold Draw is available to Free Fire players starting from 12 February, and they can spend gold to earn rewards until 20 February. The cost of making a spin begins at 500 and will gradually increase and be capped at its higher limit, i.e., 1500 gold.

Once the cost is raised to the given level, users will get the opportunity to make 10+1 spins (total 11), which will set them back by 15000 gold. The long list of items in the prize pool available at the moment is as follows:

The reward pool (Image via Garena)
The reward pool (Image via Garena)
  • M60 – Spirited Overseers
  • M1887 – Aqua Burst (7d)
  • Thompson – Thrash Metallic (7d)
  • XM8 – Abyssal (7d)
  • G18 – Ice Bones (3d)
  • M500 – Fire Bones (3d)
  • M1873 – Ice Bones (3d)
  • USP – Fire Bones (3d)
  • MAG-7 – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  • M82B – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  • AN94 – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  • VSS – Hurricane Delivery (3d)
  • Woodpecker – Superstar (3d)
  • M249 – Superstar (3d)
  • SAPAS 12 – Superstar (3d)
  • Vector – Superstar (3d)
  • Desert Eagle – Cosmic Bounty (3d)
  • G18 – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  • Parafal – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  • Woodpecker – Cosmic Bounty Hunter (3d)
  • AUG – Party Animal (3d)
  • Woodpecker – Party Animal (3d)
  • M500 – Party Animal (3d)
  • SCAR – Party Animal (3d)
  • M79 – Master of Minds (3d)
  • MP5 – Master of Minds (3d)
  • SKS – Master of Minds (3d)
  • M4A1 – Master of Minds (3d)
  • XM8 – Game Streamer (3d)
  • AN94 – Game Streamer (3d)
  • M1014 – Game Streamer (3d)
  • M14 – Game Streamer (3d)
  • FAMAS – Private Eye (3d)
  • UMP – Private Eye (3d)
  • VSS – Private Eye (3d)
  • AK47 – Private Eye (3d)
  • FAMAS – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  • UMP – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  • MGL140 – KPOP Stardom (3d)
  • KAR98K – KPOP Stardom (3d)

Guide to get free gun skins

Here are the steps to draw rewards from the new Free Fire web event:

Step 1: Gamers can open the Squad Beatz event interface by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.

Click on the Gold Draw option (Image via Garena)
Click on the Gold Draw option (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Subsequently, they may tap on the Gold Draw section to open the special web event interface.

Step 3: Next, they may make the desired number of spins using gold to get the gun skins.

Users should not miss out on this opportunity as rarely are items offered for gold within Free Fire. Also, these gun skins cost a lot, even if individuals attempt to get them through the loot crates available in the store.

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