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How to obtain the Wing of Astel in Elden Ring

Katanas and curved swords are considered the meta in Elden Ring for both PvE and PvP. While every weapon in the game is viable, these two classes, in particular, have proven to be more reliable and versatile in various situations.

There are a lot of unique curved swords in Elden Ring, each bringing their own unique set of skills and stats to the table. However, among all the curved swords in the game, the one that the community reckons is the most unique is the Wing of Astel.

What makes the Wing of Astel such a popular weapon is the weapon art that it comes with. The skill is called Nebula, which allows the user to imbue the weapon with magic and perform a sweeping strike afterward.

Many ills have befallen the star-struck land of Limgrave. See to it that you do not become another. #ELDENRING

This attack will leave a dark cloud of stars in its wake, which will linger for a while before exploding, dealing massive damage.

The visuals of the Nebula are stunning. However, looks are not its only positive aspect, as the weapon art is instrumental in taking out some of the most challenging bosses in the game.

So how can players get their hands on the Wing of Astel in Elden Ring?

Obtaining the Wing of Astel in Elden Ring

To obtain the Wing of Astel in Elden Ring, players will have to invest a fair bit of time in progressing through the game and even complete an NPC questline to a point to obtain the weapon.

The weapon is present in the southern part of the Uhl Palace ruins and can only be accessed through the northern section of Ainsel River, which one will be able to reach only upon following Ranni, the Witch’s questline.

Hence, to be able to get their hands on the Wing of Astel, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to,

  • Follow Ranni, the Witches questline, and unlock Nokron, the Eternal City, by defeating Starscourge Radahn, which will make a star fall in Mistwood, unlocking the new underground area. From here, there are two ways by which players will be able to make their way to the northern part of the Ainsel River.
  • The more convoluted one will be to go coffin hopping from Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron to the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace in Deeproot Depths and then retake a coffin to Ainself River main. This is a bit complicated to achieve and not strictly advised for players.
  • The primary method will typically follow Ranni’s questline until they unlock the teleporter in Renna’s Rise. This will only happen after players complete Nokron and return to the NPC with what she made the Tarnished look for. At one point in the quest, the teleporter in Renna’s Rise will become active and lead players to Ainsel River main.

  • Here players will first need to take care of the Malformed Star enemy, which will be right ahead of the Site of Grace, and from there, they will need to look east at the waterfall, moving forward. Then climbing up the ladder, they will soon see a door leading to a fluid path. They will need to move forward, hugging the wall, till they reach a T-Posing enemy with a scythe at the cliff.
  • The Elden Ring Tarnished will need to keep hugging the wall and move right till they drop down on the platform that is present behind another Malformed Star enemy. There will be a chest on the platform, which will automatically reward the players with the Wing of Astel.

When making their way along the platform to reach the chest, the Elden Ring Tarnished is advised to be wary of the spray of rocks that the Malformed Star Enemy will direct at them. Getting hit by them will knock the players off the platform, making them repeat getting to the chest all over again.

The Wing of Astel scales exceptionally well with Dexterity and intelligence, and the Nebula skill makes it one of the most sought-after curved swords in the game.

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