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How to use Universal Fragments in Garena Free Fire

Characters are an essential part of Garena Free Fire, and each of them have unique abilities that help players during a match. Individuals can level their characters up to a maximum of level 6 to improve their overall performance on the battlefield and make them more potent.

However, to complete the same objective, users must utilize the fragments that correspond to the specific character. Alternatively, they can also make use of Universal Fragments as a substitute for those fragments.

A step-by-step guide to how players can use Universal Fragments properly in Garena Free Fire

Many newer players will be unfamiliar with Universal Fragments and how they may be used to their benefit. To put it another way, these are the fragments that can be utilized to level up any of the characters in the game.

This makes them extremely useful when users are unable to obtain the particular fragments to level up their characters in Free Fire.

Steps for using Universal Fragments

Step 1: On the main lobby screen of Free Fire, users should press the ‘Character’ option to head over to the specific section.

Step 2: Next, they are required to select the required character they wish to level up in the game.

Users can level up characters (Image via Garena)
Users can level up characters (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Gamers will find an option reading ‘Level Up’ that they must press. A pop-up will appear and they will have to confirm the process to level up the character.

Number of fragments required for each level:

  • 100 Fragments: Level 2
  • 500 Fragments: Level 3
  • 1,500 Fragments: Level 4
  • 2,500 Fragments: Level 5
  • 5,000 Fragments: Level 6

How to acquire Universal Fragments

Elite Pass is one of the places where the fragments can be acquired (Image via Garena)
Elite Pass is one of the places where the fragments can be acquired (Image via Garena)

Players can follow numerous methods to acquire the Universal Fragments. The listed given below explains two of the most common ones:

Events: These are regularly added to the game, and individuals must complete the required objectives to get the rewards. Some of them feature Universal Fragments.

Elite Pass: The tier-based reward system of the game offers these fragments at the specific tiers. Gamers will need to acquire badges by completing the missions.

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