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‘I got angry again’ – Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel reveals he gorged on CHOCOLATE to calm down after Real Madrid thrashing

SWEET-TOOTHED Thomas Tuchel needed lots of chocolate to make it through a video of Chelsea’s horror show against Real Madrid — and still felt sour.

The Blues manager confessed he relied on confectionery while at home analysing Wednesday’s 3-1 defeat in the Champions League.


Thomas Tuchel ate lots of chocolate to calm down after Real Madrid thrashingCredit: AFP

But it did not prevent him from experiencing the same anger he felt immediately after the game.

And he was still just as enraged on a third watch on Thursday morning at the training ground, where he later had a very stern meeting with his players.

The German said: “I watched the match again and I got angry at home in the middle of the night.

“And the next morning I watched it again and got angry again.

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“The amount of chocolate I needed was immense to go through the match again and compensate!

“You sit there in the middle of the night, it is not nice.

“You start writing and writing and you realise that you are writing more and more, more minutes with a certain way of explaining things so that you don’t forget.

“At some point you press the button to watch it in double-speed so it passes quicker, and then you know you’re not in a good place.

“At some point you have to stop and take a walk into the kitchen or the lounge to calm down.

“It was not nice to watch. I got some sleep — it is not the first bad match we have analysed.

“But it helps to watch it, even if you don’t like it.”

Karim Benzema’s hat-trick at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday followed last weekend’s 4-1 humiliation to Brentford. Shipping seven goals at home in the space of five days led to Tuchel telling some home truths to his squad on Thursday afternoon.

The German described that gathering as “not a discussion meeting, it was more I gave my point of view. This is sometimes necessary”.

As frustrated as Tuchel may be with the alarming slump since the international break, this is not the first time this Blues squad have had a meltdown.

In fact, the reason the ex-Paris Saint-Germain chief was appointed in the first place was because Chelsea’s form fell off a cliff under Frank Lampard over the festive period of 2020.

Tuchel feels that bad habit is one of the reasons they are trailing Manchester City and Liverpool.

Chelsea's stars are suffering a crisis in confidence


Chelsea’s stars are suffering a crisis in confidenceCredit: Getty

He explained: “This is the gap I’m talking about and what we need to close.

“It is tough because you compare yourself with maybe the best two teams that ever played in the  Premier League in terms of their  consistency.

“When you compare yourself, you can get frustrated — and maybe feel less strong than you actually are.

“But on the other side, there is something to close. It seems it does not happen to these two teams like it can happen to us.

“The first point is to admit it. The second point is not to get frustrated about it and work on it with a daily process and take your lessons out of it.”

Tuchel’s difficult week could get even tougher today with a tricky trip to Southampton, who will be without the ineligible Armando Broja, on loan from the Blues.

And Chelsea are only  five points clear  of fifth-placed Arsenal, so need to get back on the horse or risk their qualification for the Champions League.

Tuchel remains “absolutely confident” of sealing a top-four spot but warned that it is “never a given”.

Tuchel is well aware Chelsea need to get back to winning ways


Tuchel is well aware Chelsea need to get back to winning waysCredit: Getty
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And as for whether he is still writing off his side’s chances in the second leg against Real, having had time to cool off, the Chelsea boss remained brutally realistic.

He said: “Of course, anything is possible — but this task is almost impossible.”

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