Inside Cameron Norrie’s brutal training regime which could KILL a normal person as he gears up for Wimbledon semi-final


CAMERON NORRIE’S brutal training regime could kill a normal person, claims his coach.

The British No1 has an ‘insane’ heartbeat and stays in the red zone for TEN minutes.

Norrie plays a backhand against David Goffin during their Wimbledon quarter-final


Norrie plays a backhand against David Goffin during their Wimbledon quarter-finalCredit: Getty

Experts reckon Norrie has the lung capacity of a deep-sea diver and he will need to dig deep against Novak Djokovic tomorrow.

The Brit’s Argentine coach Facundo Lugones marvels at his ability to push himself to the edge of his endurance.

Lugones declared:  “Cameron does a lot of fitness — probably more than anyone. It would be hard to beat the number of hours he does.

“Especially when he is doing some really intense conditioning sessions, he stays in a red zone where the heartbeat is insane.”

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Lugones insists Norrie, 26, can stay in that zone for almost ten minutes —  with his heart rate above 200 beats per minute.

He added: “He stays in that area for long periods. And yet he is still able to play tennis at a decent level when he’s in that state.

“A normal person can’t even do a minute-and-a-half of that. They would probably, I don’t know, die. They would certainly be close to passing out.

“That’s why in the fifth set of his quarter-final win over David Goffin he actually looked more comfortable than at the beginning of the match.”


Norrie teamed up with pal Lugones five years ago at the Texas Christian University.

He is the model pro on and off the court — but there was plenty of partying at college.

Lugones says that his biggest release now is gambling for coffees with members of his team.

He joked: “Cam plays a lot of games with his fitness trainer, Vasek —  backgammon, Ludo — always for coffees.

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“Cam needs to stay competing all the time, he just can’t unwind from competition.”

Norrie’s girlfriend Louise Jacobi will be watching on from the sides as he enters his first-ever Wimbledon semi-final.

Jacobi cheers as boyfriend Norrie wins the fourth set of his quarter-final


Jacobi cheers as boyfriend Norrie wins the fourth set of his quarter-finalCredit: Paul Edwards


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