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Jake Paul customizes his flashy Ferrari SF-90 Spider and buys another model to expand his car collection

Jake Paul has offered fans a glimpse of some of the amazing automobiles in his collection. Taking to his official Instagram account, ‘The Problem Child’ revealed that he’s customizing his new Ferrari SF-90 Spider.

Additionally, Jake Paul noted that he bought another car, a Ferrari 296 GTB, and added it to his collection. Jake Paul attached the following statement to his Instagram post:

“Customizing my new Ferrari SF-90 Spider (the fastest street legal production car) and then adding another Ferrari 296 GTB to the collection for the f**k of it. 2 Ferraris > than 1.”

Photos and videos featuring the cars can be viewed in Paul’s post embedded below:

Jake Paul and his older brother Logan Paul have been prominent social media personalities for the past several years. The Paul brothers started their journey as social media influencers back in their teens and eventually became bona fide YouTube megastars.

They transitioned to the sport of boxing in 2018, competing in amateur and professional boxing bouts. Jake Paul’s most recent fight witnessed him earn the highest purse of his career as a boxer; as reported by CBS Sports, Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley earned $2 million each for their fight. However, the respective percentages that they made from PPV sales haven’t been disclosed.

Jake Paul has expressed his willingness to fight UFC middleweight Derek Brunson

Tyron Woodley (left); Jake Paul (right)
Tyron Woodley (left); Jake Paul (right)

Jake Paul has consistently maintained that he’d like to focus on his boxing career for now rather than try his hand at the sport of MMA. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Paul from calling out MMA fighters to face him in the boxing ring.

Dana admitted this morning that I would destroy “170” pound Masvidal.. So Dana will you give Brunson permission to make some real money? Dana?

The latest MMA fighter who’s been targeted by Jake Paul’s jibes is UFC middleweight Derek Brunson. Responding to UFC president Dana White’s assertions that Paul ought to box someone his own size, the young pugilist challenged Brunson to a professional boxing match.

I’m sorry that you have accepted that you are owned by Dana White and have to be loaned out, like a car. You and your fellow fighters deserve better.…

While a fight between Jake Paul and Derek Brunson is seemingly unlikely to materialize anytime soon, Paul has many other opponents to choose from for his next boxing match.

From Conor McGregor to Paddy Pimblett, follow our extensive MMA coverage right here!

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