Jim Goodwin Slams Aberdeen Fans After Coin Incident at Tannadice

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Dundee United boss Jim Goodwin has slammed Aberdeen fans and revealed he was hit by a coin as anger spilled over at Tannadice.

The incident occurred during the second half of the Scottish Premiership clash between the two sides on Saturday.

Goodwin was seen remonstrating with the away supporters after a number of incidents involving the home side’s players.

The former St Mirren manager was then hit by a coin thrown from the away end, which he believes was thrown by an Aberdeen fan.

Speaking after the match, Goodwin said: “I was hit by a coin thrown from the Aberdeen end. It was a 50p piece.

“I’m not sure who threw it but it was definitely from the Aberdeen end.

“I’m disappointed with the behaviour of some of the Aberdeen fans. It’s not acceptable and it’s not what we want to see in football.

“I understand that emotions can run high during a game but there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

“I’m sure the Aberdeen fans will be disappointed with the behaviour of some of their own supporters and I’m sure they will take the necessary action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

The incident has been reported to the police and the Scottish FA, who are now investigating the matter.

Goodwin also criticised the Aberdeen fans for their behaviour throughout the match, claiming they were “over the top” and “disrespectful”.

He said: “I think the Aberdeen fans were over the top. They were disrespectful to our players and staff and I think that’s unacceptable.

“I understand that they are passionate about their team but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed and I think some of their fans crossed it today.”

The incident has been widely condemned by both clubs and the Scottish FA, who have urged fans to show respect to each other and to the officials.

It is yet another example of the growing problem of fan behaviour in Scottish football and the authorities will be hoping that this incident serves as a warning to all supporters.