Jon Jones’ New Heavyweight Frame for UFC 285 Fight vs Ciryl Gane

jon jones poses scale ufc 800074835

Jon Jones is one of the most dominant fighters in the history of the UFC, and he’s set to make his heavyweight debut at UFC 285. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this fight, and now that it’s just days away, they’re getting a better look at Jones’ new heavyweight frame.

The former light heavyweight champion has bulked up significantly since his last fight, and it’s clear that he’s been putting in the work to make sure he’s ready for the heavyweight division. Jones has always been a physically imposing figure, but now he looks even bigger and more intimidating.

Jones’ opponent, Ciryl Gane, is no slouch either. He’s undefeated in the UFC and has been impressive in his last few fights. But it’s clear that Jones is the favorite heading into this fight, and his new physique is only adding to that.

Fans have been taking to social media to express their excitement for the fight, and many of them have been commenting on Jones’ new look. Most of them seem to be in agreement that Jones looks ready to take on the heavyweight division and that he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

It’s clear that Jones is taking this fight seriously and that he’s been putting in the work to make sure he’s ready for the challenge. He’s always been a great fighter, but now he looks even more dangerous. Fans are expecting a great fight at UFC 285, and it’s clear that Jones is ready to make a statement.