Jorge Masvidal Predicts Brutal Fight with Jake Paul

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Jorge Masvidal, the UFC star, has issued a brutal warning to his rival Jake Paul, saying he is “there to take his head off”.

The two fighters have been engaged in a war of words for months, with Masvidal repeatedly calling out Paul for a fight.

Now, Masvidal has upped the ante with a chilling prediction of what will happen if the two ever meet in the ring.

In an interview with ESPN, Masvidal said: “I’m there to take his head off. I’m not there to play around. I’m not there to clown around. I’m there to take his head off.”

Masvidal’s comments come after Paul called him out on social media, saying he was “scared” to fight him.

Paul has been vocal in his desire to fight Masvidal, and has even gone as far as to offer him a $50 million purse to make it happen.

Masvidal, however, has been dismissive of Paul’s offer, saying he is not interested in fighting someone who has no professional fighting experience.

The UFC star has also been critical of Paul’s fighting style, saying he is “not a real fighter” and that he “doesn’t know how to fight”.

Masvidal’s comments have only served to further fuel the rivalry between the two fighters, and it appears that a fight between them is inevitable.

If the two do meet in the ring, it is sure to be an explosive encounter, with Masvidal’s warning of “taking his head off” ringing in Paul’s ears.

Only time will tell if the two will ever meet in the ring, but one thing is for sure – it will be an explosive encounter if they do.