Saturday, May 28, 2022

“Like Got damn Vannah!!! It’s on hell in here”

LeBron James, who has now missed his fourth straight game due to knee soreness, is watching at home as the LA Lakers take on the Portland Trail Blazers. Without the four-time MVP, the Lakers are on a three-game losing skid. They’re hoping to end the slump against the visiting Blazers, who miss Damian Lillard.

While waiting for the game to start, James managed to sneak in a hilarious reply to a meme on Twitter by user @CuffsTheLegend. The tweet showed a couple taking a likely scalding hot shower together, with the caption asking if anyone could relate to the struggle.

LeBron James has apparently experienced the same thing with his wife Savannah. Here’s how the deeply-felt and rib-tickling reply went:

“Like Got damn Vannah!!! It’s on hell in here. Toast!”

@CuffsTheLegend 🙋🏾‍♂️. Like Got damn Vannah!!! It’s on hell in here. 🥵 toast! 🤦🏾‍♂️

The meme that was posted is quite popular because scientific data is backing the weirdly funny caricature. Recent studies are showing that women prefer a higher temperature than men for long periods.

Muscle mass in men and blood flow also make the male species’ temperature warm to begin with. Hence, the less than desirable feel to be in a hot shower even with a special someone.

LeBron James is definitely not the first nor the last of the male population to cuss out when that hot water comes unexpectedly crashing down. Reports that the 18x All-Star is a machine are grossly taken out of context. The LA Lakers superstar is clearly still bound to the laws of nature.

When will LeBron James possibly return for the LA Lakers?

The LA Lakers are not putting a defined schedule for the return of "King James" [Photo: LA Times]
The LA Lakers are not putting a defined schedule for the return of “King James” [Photo: LA Times]

The LA Lakers are not giving an official timeline for LeBron James’ potential return. There seemed to be a positive vibe after the Lakers’ six-game road trip that the team’s best player will play again versus the Portland Trail Blazers. However, he remains sidelined as the swelling in his knee hasn’t fully healed.

Frank Vogel’s squad will remain in LA following the game against the Blazers. They will face fellow Arena tenants the LA Clippers in their next game. The team will then travel to the East again with games against the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks, respectively.

.@ShannonSharpe on LeBron expected to miss another game with knee soreness:”I expect him back sooner than later. It would be okay if you were one of the Top 3 seeds and missed 3-4 games, but you’re the 9th seed and you aren’t going anywhere without LeBron James.”

The LA Lakers will exercise all necessary precautions and could keep LeBron sidelined until the marquee Bucks matchup. Vogel mentioned that James’ recovery is trending the right way. If things go as planned, he could make his return after a potential six-game absence against Giannis Antetokounmpo and reigning champs Milwaukee Bucks.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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