Logan Paul Laughs at Jake Paul’s KSI Roast


Logan Paul and Jake Paul are two of the most popular YouTube stars in the world. Recently, the two brothers were involved in a highly-publicized boxing match against each other, which ended in a draw.

However, the two brothers have been known to have a friendly rivalry, and recently, Logan Paul was seen laughing at Jake Paul’s roast of KSI during a live stream.

The roast was part of a promotional event for the upcoming rematch between KSI and Logan Paul. During the roast, Jake Paul took a few jabs at KSI, which Logan Paul found hilarious.

However, Logan Paul’s laughter quickly turned to embarrassment when one of his friends pointed out that he was the butt of the joke.

The awkward moment was captured on camera and quickly went viral on social media. In the video, Logan Paul can be seen laughing at Jake Paul’s jokes before his friend points out that he was the one being roasted.

Logan Paul quickly stops laughing and looks embarrassed as he realizes that he was the butt of the joke.

The video has since been viewed millions of times and has become a popular meme on social media. Many people have commented on the video, with some saying that Logan Paul should have known better than to laugh at his own roast.

Others have praised Logan Paul for being able to laugh at himself and take a joke.

No matter what people think of the video, it is clear that Logan Paul and Jake Paul have a friendly rivalry that will continue to entertain their fans for years to come.